Lychee Soju pitcher for us! 🙈😋 Time to grub! #DMAdventures20 (at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ | Cupertino, CA)

  05:47 pm, by marvintruong

After a long day of waking up at 3AM to do errands and such, I’m finally home! As I’m relaxing, babe calls me into the kitchen and surprises me with this big ‘ol steak dinner because all I had was two cups of cafe sua da today! 😄 Thank you so much baby even though you had a long day of work too! You’re the best! 😘❤️ #Fatass #Spoiled #Nom

  08:49 pm, by marvintruong

Things you find in an Asian person’s car. 😂 How many of you guys can relate when you get into your parents’ car? #JustAJoke #DontGetButtHurt #Asians

12:06 pm, by marvintruong

Thanks @johnsonjeng and @junopower for our new charging cables! 😄 Make sure to follow them and support them! Best charger that doesn’t wear fast like the OEM apple cables! #junopower

  04:56 pm, by marvintruong

Decided to take mommy and baby to have some fun today! Our little love bug enjoying some painting fun! 😄 #FamilyTime #JaynaVân #OshKosh #Converse #BabyGap #ChildrensDiscoveryMuseum (at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose)

  03:15 pm, by marvintruong

The Rachet is real right now at #DnB’s! Hahaha! (at Dave & Buster’s San Jose)

11:59 pm, by marvintruong

Need you help friends! Looking for a room to rent out! Preferably something close to SF State please!

  05:11 pm, by marvintruong

Helped my mom this morning with offering and prayer before work. Be thankful, stay humble. Almost 30 years in business and still going strong. #Pho54 #Family #FamilyOwned #Pho #SanJose #Vietnamese #MyFab5 #SanJoseScene #SJScene #Yelp (at Pho 54)

  12:20 pm, by marvintruong

Good luck to my amazing, hard-working girlfriend today! She’s up at UCSF doing part one of her RDA testing! I know you’ll do great baby! Even if you tell me it’s just practical, I still know you’ll do great! 😘 #FutureDentist #RDAinthemaking #AllMine

  11:23 am, by marvintruong

The new Breezy Excursion website is now up and running. Visit: to check out the latest features + Fall Collection + new Women’s arrivals. #breezyexcursion #ftrwtb (at Breezy Excursion & Booger Kids HQ)

  02:49 pm, by marvintruong