Lunch time! Yummy! Mom’s homemade canh huu hoa and tom kho! 😋

  01:28 pm, by marvintruong

Got to make sure I feed her or else she gets grumpy! Fish tacos from #Rubios! Yum! #DMAdventures20 (at Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill)

  03:50 pm, by marvintruong

My smart ass slept through my alarm clock and missed my 8:30am appointment. Thankfully my boy @tapergang_jr came through and let me reschedule for 12:30 (My bad Fam!). 🙏 If anyone needs a fresh cut and shave, come check out the family at #LegendsBarbershop in Milpitas. (at Legends Barbershop)

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My family has owned this truck since day one. My dad bought it brand new from Piercy Toyota and we’ve kept it ever since. The truck is barely driven as you can tell but does have it’s regular maintenance done when needed. If guys have any questions or would like to see it in person, feel free to contact me.

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Oooooo naaaaaa naaaa. My girl lookin straight fireee. 🔥

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Because my girl’s bestfriend approves of me now. 🙊😜 #finallyafterayear

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Another giveaway! Be sure to follow them for your chance to win! Don’t forget to repost this image with the hashtags! @airforcesuspension @e60daddy @coquicreations @executivevipusa #ExecutiveVIP15kGiveaway #E60Daddy15kGiveaway #AFSCollabGiveAway #CoquiCreations15kGiveAway

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Lychee Soju pitcher for us! 🙈😋 Time to grub! #DMAdventures20 (at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ | Cupertino, CA)

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After a long day of waking up at 3AM to do errands and such, I’m finally home! As I’m relaxing, babe calls me into the kitchen and surprises me with this big ‘ol steak dinner because all I had was two cups of cafe sua da today! 😄 Thank you so much baby even though you had a long day of work too! You’re the best! 😘❤️ #Fatass #Spoiled #Nom

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Things you find in an Asian person’s car. 😂 How many of you guys can relate when you get into your parents’ car? #JustAJoke #DontGetButtHurt #Asians

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